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Cartelligent Makes the New Car Buying Process Painless

This post was sponsored by Cartelligent, and all views expressed here are our own.

Buying or leasing a new car has got to rank up there with some of the most stressful and uncomfortable experiences on the planet. Public speaking, fear of heights, claustrophobia and buying a new car: they all share something in common – tremendous stress! Now a new service called Cartelligent is taking all that discomfort away by offering a white-glove approach to buying or leasing your new car. We recently had the opportunity to work with Cartelligent and utilize their Premium Signature Service. I can say firsthand their services make the whole process painless.

Cartelligent is a new car buying and leasing service serving all of California, and the experience of working with them feels like having your very own personal shopper. You can literally go through the entire selection process with your personal Cartelligent Advisor holding your hand. And best yet, you don’t have to set foot in a dealership even once.

We Fell in Love with the GMC Yukon AT4

Recently we had the opportunity to try out the gorgeous GMC Yukon AT4 – it was loaned to us with no strings attached. Rolling from San Diego out to Arizona to look at some potential colleges for Ava, this automobile made sure we were riding in style. It was loaded with all the bells and whistles – I mean there were option on top of options. For such an enormous truck-car, it handled like a much smaller car and drove like a dream.

It was like driving your high-tech spiffed out couch down the freeway. We feel deeply and madly in love with this car.

Cartelligent Provides Expert Guidance

Getting back to San Diego, I crawled back into my existing car and felt diminished. I wanted that feeling of power, promise and privilege you get when driving your brand-new car. And don’t you even try to tell me you don’t know what feeling I’m talking about!

Connecting with Cartelligent, I was assigned my own personal Advisor who would be my guide from start to finish. Alan is his name, and he has been like my guardian angel for the car buying process. He has helped buyers purchase hundreds of cars and knows all the little nooks and crannies along the way. After talking with Alan for a few minutes about how Cartelligent works, I felt secure in trusting him to help me buy my latest dream car.

Cartelligent Makes You Smarter About Cars

Alan scheduled a phone call with me to learn what I want in a car. We discussed the recent positive experience with the GMC Yukon AT4, and what about that car made me like it so much. He wanted to understand the elements that created the attraction. What boxes did this car check for me? What things did I need in a car? He asked questions about how I would use the car, what type of driver I am, and what I was willing to spend per month to realize my dream.

We looked at a number of cars similar to the Yukon, and Alan explained what features made each one unique. He explained why I might like that car make and model better than the Yukon. Or things I should consider as I mentally compared that other car to the Yukon. It was tremendously helpful to have him teach me about comparable cars on the market.

After that in-depth session, I felt smarter about the car buying process and the cars that fit my needs and desires. I still wanted the Yukon in the end, but at least now I knew why!

Cartelligent Saves a Huge Amount of Time

Once zeroed in on the Yukon, Alan guided me through that specific car by using the GMC Yukon website. We literally built a car with all my required specifications, using the website to view options, colors, configurations and extras. He explained what I was looking at, and why I should care about one size engine over another. At each section, he guided me through decisions about those bells and whistles I mentioned earlier. I was able to decide which ones I needed, and which I could live without.

Once we had decided on the exact car and specifications I wanted, Alan put his team to work finding me that exact car.

Cartelligent Does all the Negotiation for You

While the team at Cartelligent searched to find my exact specs in a 2021 GMC Yukon AT4, Alan explained how the purchase process would work. He would come back to me with an exact price for the car, already negotiated to be a great deal. Cartelligent makes sure that you not only save money off MSRP, but also ensures you get a low lease or finance rate, all the rebates you qualify for, and a strong value for your trade in.

We already had a close approximation of what that cost would be since we already used the GMC website to build the car. I had an estimate price for the car I wanted and the extras I needed. Using these factors, I knew about what the monthly payment might be to lease or buy the car. Smartly, Alan had made sure I was comfortable with the costs before continuing. This way, there were no unhappy surprises.

Cartelligent Pampers You Through the Process

Come to find out, the car I want is evidently a car that many others want too. Because GMC does not make a great many of that exact car, it is in high demand, and hard to find. I guess that means I have good taste? I’m now considering the choice of getting almost the car I want, or actually ordering it to my specifications and waiting several months for it to be built especially for me.

But if I wasn’t such a difficult client, Cartelligent would have found me the car and presented me with the deal. Alan would have walked me through all the deal notes, explaining the costs and payment schedules. We live in California, which has some extra fees and taxes that some other states might not have. He would have explained all this so I could make a final decision.

From there, I would sign an electronic agreement to purchase the car. Someone from Alan’s team would go get the car and drive it to my house to deliver the keys. So amazing!

Cartelligent Knows Their Stuff

Through this entire car buying process, I would never have had to leave my house. Cartelligent makes it possible to purchase a new car from the living room couch while eating cookies and watching a show on TV. Multitasking at its best!

To find out more about the services Cartelligent offers, be sure to visit their website.


This post was sponsored by Cartelligent, and all views expressed here are our own.

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