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girl walking with Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack

Carry-on Luggage That Converts Into A Backpack

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Our family travels a lot. A LOT. If you are anything like us, the challenge is always packing too much stuff into a little tiny carry-on bag. We found a great new solution with luggage that converts into a backpack, which I cannot believe we have not discovered before now.  Standard Luggage is a Canadian company making really inventive travel solutions. They make a variety of travel gear, including this awesome backpack.

Standard Luggage sent us their Carry-On Backpack to use and review, and we love it.


Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack
The Carry-on Backpack by Standard Luggage also comes with shoulder strap for versatile carrying options.

Luggage That Converts Into A Backpack

With airplane overhead compartments getting smaller and smaller, travelers like us are hard-pressed to fit all our things into a carry-on. I mean, what if we need that big bulky sweater to ward off the chilly night air? Or that extra pair of black jeans, because you can never bring too many pairs of jeans? And the girls pack shoes like pocket change. The challenge is to get it all there in one piece without a ton of hassle.

flat lay Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack
The Carry-on Backpack fits several days worth of clothes, plus a laptop, water bottle, headphones and still room for more!

Another problem is carrying the thing. I know some carry-ons come with wheels, but wheeling those things through snaking security lines can be our own version of hell. Another hellish experience? Luggage on wheels over cobblestone streets. When Ava and I were in Scotland last year, we overpacked (surprise, surprise) and had to wheel our luggage through the cobbled streets of Edinburgh. I don’t know who was more annoyed – us for the stop/start/stop of hitting snags in the cobbles? Or the locals who had to listen to the clackety-clack of our wheeled luggage rumbling down the street. Ugh.

girl wearing Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack
Standard Luggage’s Carry-on Backpack is perfect for the girls to tote and carry.

Carry-On Backpack

We parents like the concept of luggage that converts into a backpack for several reasons:

  1. It’s a really practical way to pack and carry.
  2. Carry-on bags beat checked bags. Every. Single. Time.
  3. Because (he he) it forces people to pack light.
  4. It also converts into a shoulder bag.
  5. It teaches our kids they can actually carry their own bags. On their backs!

How It Works

The Standard Luggage Carry-On Backpack can either be carried by it’s handle, like a regular suitcase. Or a handy strap that turns it into a shoulder bag. Or the backpack shoulder straps can be released from their zipped compartment, snap into place, and your suitcase is now a backpack. It took less than one minute to convert – it’s that easy.

So well engineered, the Carry-on Backpack by Standard Luggage can fit into any airplane overhead compartment.

The kids like all the zippered pockets to securely hold their crap, er, I mean stuff. My parents like the versatility and efficient design. In addition to the stuff we already discussed above, here’s a list of features (I’m still discovering them all):

  • Ergonomic, so you don’t kill your back carrying the load.
  • Dedicated laptop pocket, in case you need to pull it out for airport security screening.
  • Full perimeter zip, so the bag can open completely for packing things (or finding things you packed!)
  • Water bottle pocket, so you can sty hydrated.
  • Locking zips for extra security when needed.
  • Expandable by unzipping a compartment, in case you buy stuff to bring home.
  • Inside zippered compartments to keep you organized.
  • Safety whistle built into a buckle in case you need to call for help.
  • And even a rain cover to protect your luggage during a downpour.
  • We can wait to put this puppy to good use on our next trip. We hit San Francisco in a couple of weeks, so we’re fully equipped with our luggage that converts into a backpack.
zippered pockets on Carry-on Backpack
With so many zippered pockets inside and out, the Carry-on Backpack has compartments for all your travel essentials.


Good luck and safe travels!

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