Busy Borough Market at London Bridge bustles with food, drink and people

Busy Borough Market at London Bridge

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Famous for nearly 1,000 years (and that’s a long time!), the Borough Market at London Bridge has been a gathering place to shop for fresh produce, food and drink. Even the unwashed masses had to eat, and this was the place to do it in London’s early history – and now you’ll be glad to know it’s cleaned up, gentrified and serving up modern deliciousness.

This guy gave his life so I could nibble his porchetta.

We joined the hungry hoards flocking to Borough Market one recent rainy Saturday, and wow was it bustling with visitors anxious like us to sample the wares on display. Housed in open air stalls in and around historic buildings, the is the Grand Daddy of street markets. My friends at Little Italy Mercato in San Diego would most likely bow their roots when visiting here. It’s simply filled with myriad sights, sounds, colors, smells and of course, tastes.

Fresh oysters were shucked right in the stall.

In the prepared foods area, we sampled local Indian dishes, including a creamy yellow vegetable curry with rice that was out of this world. Another fav was aa Middle Eastern flaky baked cheese and spinach pie, so buttery that it was almost sweet. Ava loved trying homemade ice creams of various flavors, while I nibbled a bit of porchetta carved directly from the whole crackling pig on a spit. In the seafood area, a single sweet and briny oyster was the perfect bite, with a dollop of horseradish of course! And our favorite of it all –  sparkly Prosecco and Peach Schnapps cocktails with fresh mint, which several of the adults in our group nursed as we strolled through the stalls.

Hmmm these Prosecco Spritzers were very refreshing!

In the shop stalls, visitors can purchase anything and everything – cheeses, jams and jellies, tea cozies, spices of many colors, pottery, fresh eggs, cakes, produce, wine, fruit, meats, etc. Really pretty much anything, including a rather nasty cup of American-style coffee from the cutest little antique British auto.

Yep, going back for sure.

Anything tastes good with apples, or so Grandma always said.

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