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Zebras "O" Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas

Best Cirque de Soleil Show in Las Vegas for Families

Las Vegas is home to a variety of wildly popular Cirque de Soleil shows playing at various hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, but which is the best Cirque de Soleil Show in Las Vegas for families? There are a total of six Cirque shows currently playing in Las Vegas, more concentration than any other city in the world. Our family has seen them all (well, the kids have seen all but one) and we rank them here for you to consider.

Las Vegas Strip night lights
Ah, the Las Vegas Strip never disappoints – kind of like a giant carnival.

We are judging for the best Cirque de Soleil show in Las Vegas for families completely subjectively, using our own family’s experiences over the past couple of years. It’s possible that some shows might have changed for the better – or worse – but in general our guide will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Mystère Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas balance act
The concentration in this Hand to Hand Balancing Act was incredible in Mystère. (photo credit: Richard Termine)

One thing to remember in all this – any Cirque de Soleil show is absolutely chock full of amazing acts, and performers who defy nature and gravity. There are so many things for the senses to take in, it sometimes takes days to process the experience. They are all really that good.

But which is the best Cirque de Soleil Show in Las Vegas for families?

Cirque de Soleil Mystère Las Vegas
The costumes, actors and performances are out of this world at Mystère in Las Vegas (photo credit: Matt Beard)

Read on for our suggestions and available tickets:


Location: Treasure Island

Mystère was the first Cirque de Soleil show to debut in Las Vegas, and was an instant sensation. After hearing the rave reviews, we even flew to Las Vegas specifically to see this show. It’s grand and wild and amazing and so much fun. Mystère birthed the Cirque juggernaut which would take over the world, and rightly so. With enormous inflatable snails that seem to sail across the stage and daredevil aerials, the show is mesmerizing still. As the grand daddy of all Las Vegas shows from the day in debuted, Mystère changed the way shows are staged and audiences interact with performers. Classic and still amazing.

Location: MGM Grand

KÀ Cirque de Soleil Battle scene Las Vegas
The battle scene in KÀ is impressive, considering these performers are hanging vertically. (photo credit: Cirque de Soleil)

was the first show we took our kids to see, and their eyes were wide with amazement before the show even started. The Cirque formula is brilliant, starting with fun entertainers coming into the audience before the show to warm us up. In the KÀ show, there is a moveable, tilting stage that challenges performers to defy gravity. Fancifully costumed acrobats appear to walk up a wall, drop from heights to depths at rapid speeds and more. This show contains a collection of connected acts that tell a story, hard for kids to follow but triumphant in the end.


Location: Bellagio Hotel & Casino

This is the water show you’ve probably heard so much about. Perhaps “O” stands for Ocean? Or possibly Outstanding? “O” has to be seen to be believed – it’s truly amazing what these performers can do in a very small amount of water. The staging is like nothing we’ve ever seen, as it provides the audience with a dual view above and below the water level. This Cirque show is on another level, and we’ve never seen anything like it before or since.

"O" Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas Bellagio
Performers dive into the waters of “O” by Cirque de Soleil at Bellagio in Las Vegas. (photo credit: Tomasz Rossa)


Location: New York New York Hotel & Casino

Zumanity Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas
Zumanity is too racy for kids, and is a more adult version of Cirque de Soleil. (photo credit: Pierre Manning)

This show is not for kids. Described by Cirque de Soleil as intended for adults only, Zumanity is sexy, racy, baudy and audacious – which is definitely a part of the Las Vegas experience. More burlesque than circus, Zumanity is one of those shows you either like or don’t. Perhaps we caught them on a bad day, because we did not love this show. In fact, it was a little boring. The Mistress of Ceremonies was a towering drag queen, and Cher knows we love a good drag queen. This one, however, did a lot of prancing and exclaiming but little actual entertaining. Nope to this one, kids or not.


Location: The Mirage

LOVE is based on the music of The Beatles, and kids love the show because they recognize so many of the popular songs it contains. Staged creatively in four quadrants, the audience sits in distinct sections but all get to experience the show from their own perspectives. The use of gauzy drapes and suspended performers is impressive, and LOVE’s action keeps the audience riveted throughout. Our kids loved this show because there was something to see regardless of where you looked, and so did we. LOVE is very light, airy and uplifting.

The Beatles LOVE Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas
The Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas is an extravaganza, like this scene from Sgt. Pepper. (photo credit: Matt Beard)

Michael Jackson ONE

Location: Mandalay Bat Resort & Casino

Using Michael Jackson’s iconic repertoire of songs, Michael Jackson ONE has an uplifting plot that leads the audience through a transformation. Michael Jackson the performer had a distinct message to share about one love, life’s beauty, diversity and hope for humankind. This Cirque show follows this philosophy, with entertaining acts and performers including one amazing dancer in the Michael Jackson genre (space walking is indeed included). We’ve seen this show twice, and each time leave feeling better than when we entered.

Michael Jackson ONE Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas
Such amazing dancing in Cirque de Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE show in Las Vegas. (photo credit: Aaron Felske)

So which is the best Cirque de Soliel show in Las Vegas for families?

Our family votes for a tie between “O” and Michael Jackson One as the best of the best. Both are amazing for different reasons, with so much to see it really is hard to breathe at moments. Your kids will love either one, and if you can swing it we recommend you see both shows on your next visit. Cirque de Soleil tickets in Las Vegas are not inexpensive, but you might be feeling flush from your winnings at the casino tables. So splurge away!

Michael Jackson ONE show Las Vegas entrance
Even the entry doors to the Michael Jackson ONE show in Las Vegas are designed in his style.

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