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Being Diligent About Home Safety With Onelink Safe & Sound

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Anyone who knows Triton is aware of his focus on home security and providing a safe environment for the family. Like any good parent, he thinks about the issues that face our family in ensuring the kids (and grown-ups) are healthy and happy. No one ever wants to experience a disaster at home, and being cautious about safety is just being smart and proactive. When we learned about Onelink Safe & Sound, it made perfect sense for our house.

Onelink Safe & Sound installed
The Onelink Safe & Sound unit is great looking and can be installed seamlessly.

Onelink Safe & Sound

The reason we were attracted to Onelink Safe & Sound is because the product is a clever combination of elements. Onelink Safe & Sound includes an intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, premium home speaker, and is Alexa enabled to boot. Get it? Safe AND sound.

You may already know we are completely enamored with Alexa, and have welcomed her as a regular part of our family. Now instead of the ugly old smoke alarm in our ceiling, our upstairs hallway has a smart safety device installed – with a built in night light. And we can actually talk to it!

Onelink Safe & Sound packaging
Onelink Safe & Sound is an incredibly useful 3 in 1 device that is easy to install in your home.

Preparing Our Home for Safety

Because of Triton’s good planning, we are well stocked for emergencies. We’ve got emergency preparedness kits, evacuation routes determined, and a stash of canned food and water. We even have a bin full of various devices that will cook food, purify water, provide warmth and solar-charge your cell phone. Our friends joke that they are all coming to our house if the grid shuts down.

Short of a zombie apocalypse (at which I plan to just lie down in the street rather than be eaten) we are set for natural disasters.

But what about inside the house when we are asleep? Or when something happens while we are away on one of our trips?

family with Onelink Safe & Sound
This is not our family, but they sure look like they are having fun with their new Onelink Safe & Sound!

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Sensors

One of the key selling points for us was that Onelink Safe & Sound will alert us about smoke or carbon monoxide at home or away. Via an easy app on our iPhones, the system can be enabled to alert us if it detects something. Even before we rush home, we can alert people in the house, neighbors and even the fire department. This provides us incredible peace of mind.

Premium Home Speaker

We like our music, and sometimes we like it LOUD. Truth be told, when the kids are away I’ve been known to crank up the sound system and rock out like the old days. The Rolling Stones were just meant to be played at high volume. This Onelink home speaker has incredibly good sound. When I ask Alexa to play Under My Thumb and turn up the volume, the new sound coming from the ceiling upstairs is pretty high fidelity!

The Onelink Safe & Sound installation instructions and user’s manual are simple and easy to understand.

Alexa Built In

OK, we admit we are a little obsessed with Alexa. There is an Amazon Echo in the living room and an Echo Dot in the master bedroom. Both enjoy heavy use by the whole family. Even then, there are areas where poor Alexa cannot hear us. When we ask her about the weather or to order more toothpaste, she can’t always hear to respond. So inconvenient! Now with another station for Alexa to inhabit, there are no dead zones. Music and commands are practically delivered in surround sound.

Easy To Install

I am not the handiest of husbands, and this installation is a breeze. The directions are easy, and the mess is minimal. You simply remove an old smoke alarm that is already connected to power, and connect the wiring of the new Onelink Safe & Sound unit. From there you can just snap into place, download and enable the app, and the unit is in business.

installation of Onelink Safe & Sound
The Onelink Safe & Sound unit is super easy to install -even I could do it!

Onelink Safe & Sound. Home safety, great sound experience and some sassy Alexa conversations thrown in for good measure. Now that’s what we call a smart home device.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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