Visit to Aquatica Water Park in San Diego is full of parenting humor

At the Water Park

At Aquatica Water Park…

• Also known as Alotomoney-ica or Expensive-ica or Abroke-ica.
• A place where you can play on a fake, cement beach in California.
• I sure I’m the only middle aged gay man here – except for the man selling chicken nuggets – who might be a woman?
• Speaking of, I think I look like Jamie Lee Curtis in my big hat. It goes with my lady foot in this picture.
• Saw a hoody Spider-Man towel I must have.
• The Russian family next to me keeps putting stuff on my chair, but their heavy accents scare me so I say nothing and don’t make eye contact.
• I’ll do anything for the kids – except camping.
• I’m bored.
• I like pudding.

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