Afternoon Tea at Seattle Fairmont Olympic Hotel a great family experience

High Tea at the Seattle Fairmont Olympic Hotel

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*This experience was hosted by Seattle Fairmont Hotel, and we’re so pleased that we had this opportunity to visit.

“High Tea?” the girls asked, as we packed some nicer clothes into our suitcases bound for a Seattle weekend. They wondered why we wanted to do this, on a summer Saturday in the middle of our vacation. As it turns out, Afternoon Tea at the Seattle Fairmont Olympic Hotel was a highlight of our trip, and our entire family had a blast that would make even Queen Elizabeth proud (insert queen jokes here).

The Georgian Room at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel is one of Seattle’s grandest and most historic spaces.

Royal Decor

As we were escorted to our table in the historic Georgian Room off the main lobby of the Fairmont, we could not help but ooh and aah at our surroundings for Afternoon Tea. The room exudes luxury, from the ornately decorated high ceilings to the massive crystal chandeliers to the richly upholstered furniture – it was completely breathtaking. We know the girls are impressed when they immediately adjust their posture, standing tall in their sweet dresses to make a good impression fitting of the surroundings. In this room, they could have been Eliza Doolittle balancing books on her head while learning to walk properly in “My Fair Lady”.

As you might expect, the service was impeccable with attendants holding the girls’ chairs while they were seated, placing our napkins in our laps and making us comfortable as we surveyed the room. It seemed like the perfect setting for champagne, and by good fortune they had several top shelf choices. Triton and I began with a Kir Royale and the girls enjoyed a sweet lemonade. We felt darn right fancy!

A little champagne to start the festivities.

A Cup of Tea

We all enjoy a good cup of tea, and when the server arrived with a variety of choices we each knew exactly what we favored. Ava wanted the herbal green, Sophia choose a fruity herbal blend, and Triton and I both chose the traditional creamy Earl Grey. The individual pots were served with time to steep, while we watched as two enormous triple-tiered serving stands were brought to our table – one for the kids and one for the adults.

Finger Sandwiches for Days

Our server let us know the chef was concerned the girls may not enjoy the regular selection of finger sandwiches, so he created a special menu for them of PB&J sandwiches in pretty shapes. Triton and I were served finger sandwiches including delicious varieties like cucumber, curried chicken, salmon and more. All of us enjoyed the warm currant scones with fresh butter, and of course the mini dessert assortment was gobbled in an instant. Throughout the experience, we sipped our tea and felt genuinely regal.

The 3-tier stack of delicious served at our table was delicious and gone.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is pure luxury, and we loved our stay here. Of all the experiences we enjoyed in Seattle, the Afternoon Tea at the Georgian Room was a sincere pleasure. We all voted for a return visit very soon.

Highly recommended – 5 out of 5 stars from our entire family.

How could we resist this plate of sweets to finish our Afternoon Tea experience?


*This experience was hosted by Seattle Fairmont Hotel, and we’re so pleased that we had this opportunity to visit.

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    10 thoughts on “High Tea at the Seattle Fairmont Olympic Hotel

    1. I have zilch experience of taking afternoon tea, hahaha! I guess I generally steer clear of high end stuff…but man, this food and drink looks goood 🙂

    2. With all the beauty in the Pacific Northwest, it is quite a compliment to sat high tea at the Fairmont in Seattle was the highlight of your trip. When I finally get to Seattle, I’ll need to check it out.

    3. I’m not sure this would be the best fit for my pack of four boys….but then again you never know; everyone can use some fancy every once in awhile 😉 At any rate, everything looks just lovely!

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