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9 Ways to Overcome Summer Boredom for Kids

By Maria Smith, Mamalicious Maria

The worst thing you can hear this summer is: I’m bored. It’s irritatingly common that kids these days don’t know how to entertain themselves. Unless you want give them unlimited access to Fortnite or their Nintendo Switch, you are going to have to find unique ways to overcome summer boredom for kids.

However, it’s not as hard it may seem. With a little creativity, some imagination, and a willing spirit (or 3) you can make this a summer to remember. To get you started. here are 9 things you can do with your kids to overcome summer boredom no matter where you live.

Hula hooping in backyard. (photo credit:vgajic)

9 Ways to Overcome Summer Boredom for Kids

  1. Find a new park.

Blow right by the park you always go to and check out one you’ve heard about that is in a neighboring town. Look for ones with “spraygrounds” so the kids (and you) can cool off.

A group of kids gets soaking wet while playing in a fountain (photo credit:BluIz60)
  1. Have a picnic.

You can overcome summer boredom by having a picnic in your backyard, at a local nature preserve or really anywhere you want. Get the kids involved in helping to prepare for your picnic. Let them make the lunch and pack it up.

Summer picnics are a great way for families to find quality time together. (photo credit: eli_asenova)
  1. Go to an outdoor concert.

Just about everywhere in the US, there are outdoor concerts throughout the summer. You may have to drive a bit if you live out in the country, but do it anyway. Make a day of it. Don’t worry about what’s playing or who’s singing, just go!

live concert in park in Chicago
Families enjoying a live concert outdoors (photo credit:msubhadeep)
  1. Go see a movie.

Movies can be expensive, especially when you are bringing a bunch of kids. However, during the summer, many of the movie theater groups offer discount deals. Also check out the dollar theaters that are present in most cities. Did your kids already see the movie? Who cares? Take a break from the heat and see it again!

Going to the movies is a fun way for families to cool down during the summer. (photo credit:Geber86)
  1. Ride bikes.

Remember when you were a kid and you could spend a whole day riding bikes? Why not show your kids how to do that? Get out with them in your neighborhood, at a local park, or on a trail. If your kids don’t know how to ride a bike, then let this be the summer they learn. And if you don’t have a bike for yourself or your kids, you can often rent them by the hour in most major cities. Also check out Goodwill Stores for crazy cheap bikes your kids can use all year.

A summer afternoon bike ride makes the entire family happy. (photo credit:GeorgeRudy)
  1. Visit your local library.

Libraries are a great place to get the kids learning during the summer, without them even knowing it. Besides checking out books and DVDs, libraries often have special programs and events geared to kids of different ages.

A visit to the library can keep kids entertained for hours. (photo credit:FatCamera)
  1. Have a lemonade stand.

Why spend money when you can make money? Teach the kids some early entrepreneur skills and make friends with your neighbors. Let the kids make the lemonade, serve it to customers, give out change, and count the money. Have a goal for what you’re going to do with the money in case kids start slacking off.

The rites of summer passage always include a lemonade stand. (photo credit:viafilms)
  1. Bake a cake.

You may want to save this for a cool or rainy summer day as the oven will heat up your house. But, the smells and (hopefully) the taste will be worth it. Let your kids take the lead by choosing the recipe, adding ingredients, and putting the cake together. When it’s all done and frosted, be sure to celebrate with a giant slice for everyone.

Baking with the kids can be all kinds of fun (photo credit:evgenyatamanenko)
  1. Have a dance party.

Are you hip to all the new Fortnite dances your kids know? How about the ones that go with the latest songs? Spend an afternoon letting your kids teach you how to do them. Just know turnabout is fair play because you then get to teach the kids the dances you got down to as a kid. Running man anyone?

Family dance parties are the best! (photo credit:gorodenkoff)

The main thing I’m trying to show you, friends, is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money, have lots of technology, or be super crafty to overcome summer boredom for kids. So what are we going to do today?


Maria Smith is a wife and on-the-go mom to four children ages 12 to 7. Maria lives in Atlanta and blogs at MamaliciousMaria.com. A former Oprah Winfrey Show producer, she is now a freelance writer for several print and online outlets. When not writing, Maria can be found on the tennis courts, savoring a good book, or traveling the world with her family.


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