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8 Quirky Things to Do in Atlanta for Family Fun

There are a number of quirky things to do in Atlanta for Family Fun. Whether you are there for a day or a weekend, with some friends or your family, there are fantastic options for just about everyone. Atlanta is home to some fun places but what if you are looking for somewhere that is a little off the beaten path? What if you like weird and quirky? What if the normal, run-of-the-mill attractions just won’t do it for this trip to ATL? No problem. We’ve got you covered. 

Atlanta is home to major sports teams, wonderful museums, cool historical sites and other fun attractions. It is also home to some unusual places you have to see for yourselves. Did you think Atlanta, Georgia is just a nice city full of Old World southern charm? You might be surprised about the fascinating things to do in Atlanta.

Atlanta is full of surprises tucked into every corner of this lively city. (photo: Visit Atlanta)

8 Quirky Things To Do In Atlanta

Check out these 8 quirky things to do in Atlanta you need to add to your itinerary:

1. Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)

Yes, you could go to the High Museum of Art or some other high-brow institution, but if you are interested in design, even a little, MODA is the place for you. It’s the only museum in the Southeast devoted exclusively to the celebration of everything concerning design. Exhibits explore things like the power of design, solution-based products and showcase designers of all kinds. You will always find something new and exciting at the Museum of Design Atlanta. This would be a great spot to add to your list of things to do in Atlanta for couples too.

Atlanta Museum of Design interior shot with various pieces of high design applications.
The Atlanta Museum of Design is filled with quirky and fun examples of great design. (photo: Visit Atlanta)

2. College Football Hall of Fame

A whole museum dedicated to college football? Could this really be fun? Yes! You don’t even have to like football. Promise. The College Football Hall of Fame is one of the quirky things to do in Atlanta because of the variety of hands-on activities. You can kick a field goal, sing a karaoke rendition of your alma mater’s fight song, throw a touchdown or learn about the evolution of college football through the years. Visit on Saturdays during football season to plop down and watch live football action on the 36-ft high-definition video board.

The College Football Hall of Fame is a mecca in Atlanta for sports fan. (photo: Visit Atlanta)

3. Atlanta Beltline

If you don’t know what to do in Atlanta, go to the Beltline. Looking for something active? Somewhere to sit and people-watch? How about a place to eat, drink or even skateboard? You can do it all on the Atlanta Beltline. It is a former railway corridor which is now an 11-mile multi-use trail that winds through the heart of Atlanta, offering green spaces and plenty to do. While taking a walk, be sure to stop and appreciate the politically-motivated and socially-conscious human rights graffiti art throughout the trail. Grab photos of the gorgeous wildflowers, city views or eclectic art. Connect with some of the hippest Atlantans. And definitely stop at the food halls at Krog Street Market or Ponce City Market for a meal or homestyle ice cream cone.

The Atlanta Beltline trail is a treat for cyclists and pedestrians. (photo: Visit Atlanta)

4. Oakland Cemetery

A cemetery visit must be one of the more quirky things to do in Atlanta, and may not be on the top of everyone’s list of favorite tourist spots.  But Oakland Cemetery isn’t just an ordinary graveyard though. It is more like a park, with dead people nearby. Weird? Maybe. Interesting? Definitely. The history here is amazing. If you are lucky, you can take part in one of the cemetery’s traditions or special tours. Visitors often look for the grave of golfer Bobby Jones or writer Margaret Mitchell. Oakland Cemetery is unique, free and totally kid-friendly (though teens will probably like it more than younger ones). 

Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta with headstones in the foreground and the Atlanta downtown skyline in the background
Before you grimace about visiting a cemetery for fun, try out Atlanta’s Oakland Cementery. (photo: Visit Atlanta)

5. Tiny Doors Atlanta

Who doesn’t like a good scavenger hunt?!? Atlanta has a wonderful set of art installations throughout the city called Tiny Doors Atlanta. These six-inch doors are both pieces of art and parts of a detective game. Make it a mission to find as many Tiny Doors as you can during your visit. Get the clues to find these micro masterpieces by visiting the Tiny Doors website. This could be a fun date night idea or addition to the list of things to do in Atlanta for couples. Plus it’s one of those things to do in Atlanta for free, and free is always a good thing!

Tiny Doors Atlanta
Tiny Doors is a super cool art installation throughout Atlanta.

6. Woodruff Park

There are lots of wonderful parks in Atlanta with fun playgrounds and other amenities. Woodruff Park, though, is one of the best green spaces in downtown Atlanta. The best part about this park is the Game Cart. Visit the cart to borrow board games, outdoor lawn games and other sporting equipment for free. The ‘ATL’ playground is always a hit with kids and adults can work out at the ENERGI fitness station. They even have free wi-fi to stay connected. Woodruff Park may only be 6 acres, but it offers some of the best, uncrowded free things to do in Atlanta, and it’s kid-friendly to boot. 

Woodruff Park in Atlanta has artful play structures like this wooden sculpture
Woodruff Park is a unique experience right in the middle of Atlanta. (photo: Visit Atlanta)

7. Shoot The Hooch

Shooting the Hooch is one of the most Atlantan things to do, and definitely qualifies as one of the quirky things to do in Atlanta. It basically involves tubing on the Chattahoochee River.  If you are visiting on a hot summer (or really April through September) why not spend an afternoon floating down the cool river? Since this is the South, alcohol is allowed and with the help of waterproof speakers, Shooting the Hooch is usually a party. The city is 4 hours from the ocean, but you can still have tons of water fun. Find out more about how you can Shoot the Hooch in Atlanta here.

Shooting the Hooch is a fun activity with family or a group of friends.

8. The World of Coca-Cola

This attraction isn’t actually under the radar but it still is one of the quirky things you can do in Atlanta. What other city has a whole museum dedicated to a soft drink? The World of Coca-Cola showcases the history of this iconic company, founded in Atlanta in 1892. Visitors can learn about Coke’s origin, its development through the years and across the world and even see the famous fault where the secret formula is kept. The main attraction is probably the famous “Tasting Room.” Visitors can have unlimited taste portions of Coca-Cola products from around the world. If you go,  you MUST try the Beverly drink from Italy. It will be memorable for sure.

Atlanta World of Coca-Cola museum filled with vintage Coca-Cola signs.
The World of Coca-Cola is a surprising museum dedicated to the famous soda with headquarters in Atlanta. (photo: Visit Atlanta)


Quirky Things to do in Atlanta

There are plenty of quirky things to do in Atlanta if you want to find them. Even the big, well-known attractions here are a bit…unique. That is what makes Atlanta great though. The quirky things to don’t seem all that weird when lots of other people are doing them. 

Photo of Atlanta Beltline from drone with city skyline in the background
The Atlanta Beltline is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. (photo: Visit Atlanta)

What looks fun to you?

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