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Pomegranate and Mandarin Orange Salad

6 Healthy Dinner Recipes Your Family Will Love

Healthy dinner recipes are not as easy to find when you are trying to cook for a family. Kids tend to have lots of opinions, whether we like it or not. You have to have just the right amount of delicious taste that won’t tip them off to the healthiness of the dish. We all need some help, so I asked some blogger friends for their best healthy dinner recipes to share with you.

6 Healthy Dinner Recipes for Your Family

  1. Pomegranate and Mandarin Orange Salad from Mary Ellen at AllServedWithASideOfLove.com

With bright colors and fresh flavors, this delicious salad hits the spot on all levels.  It’s so easy to make too! Best of all, it can be done ahead of time. Just give it a toss before serving.  The red, orange and green colors in the salad are really festive and perfect for the fall and winter season.  When the dressing is tossed in, this salad just glistens. If there are no nut allergies in your home, sprinkling caramelized almonds on top adds crunch, texture and another layer of flavor.

Link: http://www.allservedwithasideoflove.com/pomegranate-and-mandarin-orange-salad/

Pomegranate and Mandarin Orange Salad
Pomegranate and Mandarin Orange Salad courtesy of AllServedWithASideOfLove.com
  1. White Chicken Chili from 2DadsWithBaggage

This is one of my famous healthy dinner recipes. Well, famous in my own mind maybe. This White Chicken Chili recipe is chock full of juicy chicken. You won’t regret splurging on using only the best ingredients for this dish, like Perdue Farms Harvestland Diced Chicken Breasts. Adding in white beans, a kick of chili powder and a beer for good measure makes this a healthy dinner recipe everyone just gobbles up! Go ahead and make huge batch when the whole gang is coming over. Serve it with bowls brimming with various topping choices including green onions, freshly grated cheese, light sour cream and more.

Link: https://2dadswithbaggage.com/hearty-white-chicken-chili-recipe/

white chicken chili
This Hearty White Chicken Chili Recipe tastes even better with Perdue Farms Chicken
  1. Ground Chicken Meatloaf from Vera at LadyAndTheBlog.com

The best thing about this easy ground chicken meatloaf recipe is that it only has 6 ingredients. Yet, it is still filled with homestyle appeal. For a quick, healthier spin on an old school classic, this delicious recipe is ready to be introduced into your weekly menu. Kids won’t even be able to guess that it’s healthy!

Link:  https://ladyandtheblog.com/ground-chicken-meatloaf-recipe/ 

Ground Chicken Meatloaf
Ground Chicken Meatloaf courtesy of LadyAndTheBlog.com
  1. One Pot Pasta Fagioli from Lindsey at RedheadBabyMama.com

This is an easy dinner recipe and it feeds a crowd. Pasta Fagioli is one of the traditional comfort foods your family may or may not love already. If you don’t need to feed a small army, this dish freezes well. This is one of the healthy dinner recipes that offer protein, dairy and vegetables all in one pot. It is protein-packed with a low-sugar sauce. It is a complete dinner all on its own. No extra side dish required.

Link: https://www.redheadbabymama.com/one-pot-pasta-fagioli-recipe/

One Pot Pasta Fagioli
One Pot Pasta Fagioli courtesy of RedheadBabyMama.com
  1. Grilled Skirt Steak with Corn and Cherry Tomato Salad from Lesli at 365AtlantaTraveler.com

Not sure what you should look for next time you’re shopping for different types of meat cuts? I get it! Meat can be intimidating. Luckily I grew up with a Dad with made sure to impart on me a talent for grilling. I wouldn’t say I’m a “grill master”…but if other people might call me one I wouldn’t correct them. When buying meat, look for meat with some marbling. It should have a bright, cherry red color. I suggest choosing USDA Choice and USDA Prime cuts for steaks that are great for grilling. Look for grass-fed and grass-finished beef. This grilled skirt steak recipe is a healthy dinner recipe that is impressive to guests.

Link: https://365atlantatraveler.com/grill-recipes/ 

Grilled Skirt Steak
Grilled Skirt Steak with Corn and Cherry Tomato Salad courtesy of 365AtlantaTraveler.com
  1. Chicken Stir fry from Krystyn at ReallyAreYouSerious.com

Healthy dinner recipes can be international too. With some yummy spices and sauces and a nice quality chicken, this recipe is something most families will love. This is one of those healthy dinner recipes that kids of all ages will love. Go ahead and make it as healthy as you want it to be. Add in tons of vegetables. Kids really love this dish. Go ahead  and make the jump and then make this recipe as healthy as you want to be.

Link: https://www.reallyareyouserious.com/spicy-chicken-stir-fry

Chicken Stir Fry
Chicken Stir Fry courtesy of ReallyAreYouSerious.com

Healthy Dinner Recipes for Your Family

Healthy dinner recipes your whole family will enjoy and as for by name. Plus, if you happen to be hosting the football team or just getting into the shower, many of these recipes are fit for a crowd. So get to cooking! Good luck!


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