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16 Amazing Things To Do In Honolulu With Kids

The truth is there is no shortage of things to do in Honolulu with kids. We have had so much family fun in this iconic Hawaiian destination! We really didn’t have to look far to find natural wonders perfect for kid-sized fun all over the biggest city on the island of Oahu. There are just an unlimited number of adventures fit to suit just about anyone. (Even the grumpiest of teens!) The fun things to do in Honolulu Hawaii are endless.

We consider Hawaii to be a fabulous family vacation destination – one of our family’s favorites, in fact. We feel like we just can’t go wrong with sandy beaches, tropical weather, warm ocean currents. Top that with a wonderful and unique cultural heritage. Honolulu is the capital city of it all, where kings and queens once reigned and history has been made. 

With so much inspiration, Honolulu can spark the imagination and creativity of kids (and adults) of all ages. If you have considered packing up the family and visiting the Aloha State, here are some solid reasons why you should.

Diamond Head with catamaran in Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Snorkeling off Waikiki Beach in Honolulu with Diamond Head as a backdrop.

How Many Islands are in Hawaii?

We used to get confused about this all the time. Honolulu is located on the Island of Oahu, where more than 81% of Hawaiian residents live. The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest in the chain of seven islands. In addition to Oahu the others include Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai and Niihau. Another small island called Kahoolawe is located just off the coast of Maui, but is not normally considered part of the Big 7. Of the major islands, only Niihau is uninhabited.

The Hawaiian Islands chain actually is made up of some 137 islands, islets and seamounts. They were all formed by a volcanic archipelago long ago.

This statue of Duke Kahanamoku is an icon of Waikiki Beach

Why choose Oahu?

Oahu is home to the state’s capital, which means it is very accessible and modern. Most of the inbound flights heading to Hawaii are landing at Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. But that’s not the main reason to visit. While the Hawaiian islands are family-friendly in general, in Oahu activities for kids are everywhere. The island has tons of attractions and activities specifically geared toward the younger set. That’s why there are so many fun things to do in Honolulu with kids.

There are also many resorts in Oahu that specialize in providing fun and comfort to visiting families. We have found some of the best beaches in the world for children in Oahu too. The island is famous for crystal clear water and wide, white soft-sand beaches. It’s a great place to splash around. 

We come to Oahu to let our family dive into the Polynesian culture, food, history and entertainment. With the volcanic Diamond Head crater as a backdrop, it’s a beautiful place for a family vacation. Oahu is a big city island but so much more. And if you want the kids to learn a little while on vacation, the Pearl Harbor historical site in Central Oahu is a must-visit.

sunset from Ali'i Tower at Hilton Hawaiian Village
Honolulu is legendary for its sunsets, and ours at the Hilton Hawaiian Village lived up to the hype!

Is Honolulu good for kids?

Short answer? Yes! There are so many fun things to do in Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu is the capital of the state of Hawaii and the heart of the island of Oahu. There are things to do in Honolulu at night as well as during the day. You will find miles of beaches here along with all the excitement big cities have to offer. All of this is wrapped in a charming, small-town Hawaiian vibe.

Honolulu is the most developed and populated city in Hawaii. Honolulu’s famous Waikiki Beach can sometimes get crowded, but nothing like beaches we’ve visited in European cities. There are not people sitting on towels that touch each other, with no place to walk between them. Waikiki is still spectacularly beautiful and pristine. It’s easy to access from some of the most family-friendly resorts on the island.

rowing crew on canal Honolulu
Several teams were rowing crew on the canal as we sped by on our Pedego electric bikes.

16 Amazing Things To Do In Honolulu With Kids 

Families visiting Hawaii will quickly learn there are so many things to do in Honolulu with kids. Check out 16 of our favorites.

  1. Soak up the sun on Waikiki Beach and make sand castles 
  2. Enjoy the many resort family friendly activities 
  3. Rent a paddle boat at Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon
  4. Go snorkeling with sea turtles
  5. Ride bikes along Waikiki Beach
  6. “Hunt” for pearls
  7. Swim with dolphins at Dolphin Quest Oahu
  8. Walk around Kaka’ako Waterfront Park
  9. Cool off with some Hawaiian shave ice (yum!)
  10. Experience an authentic luau
  11. Visit the Children’s Discovery Center
  12. Paddle an outrigger canoe
  13. Take a surfing lesson in the famous Waikiki waves
  14. Explore the Polynesian Cultural Center
  15. Hike Diamond Head Crater
  16.  Pay respects at the site of Pearl Harbor
snorkeling with sea turtles Waikiki Beach Honolulu
Snorkeling with the sea turtles in Honolulu was so peaceful.

Bottom line: There are wonderful Oahu activities for kids of all ages.

Hawaii is a fantastic destination for couples, friends and definitely families. Even the smell of this island is special. The sweet fragrance of plumeria mixing with the saltiness of the ocean is something kids will notice and love.

Honolulu really is a beautiful place with activities galore. It is definitely a place for families to make memories together. Which ones will you make first?

Koi ponds dot the city of Honolulu and some fish are quite friendly.
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